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Planning Your Maine Getaway

Planning Your Maine Getaway

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5 star rating
"This place is a real gem. A beautiful and painstaking renovation done to this building with charming rooms that are true to the period but with a modern touch. Stunning grounds only add to the experience."
Martin M.

Let the Good Times Roll

Get in the mood for your upcoming stay at The Squire Tarbox Inn. Tune in and drift along.

Turn up the jams and dance along with this upbeat and playful mix.
Catch the dazzling sunset from our large porch off the dining room, which overlooks the backyard and pond.
It's vacation time! Get in the mood for your upcoming stay at The Squire Tarbox.
Some tasty jams for windows down, sunshine, and good times.
Some old and some new in this relaxed, feel-good mix.
Put on these tunes while you stroll down to the salt marsh on our 12 acre grounds.