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The ambiance of the Inn lends itself to weddings and rehearsal dinners amongst other events.  With over 50 combined years in the culinary field and hosting & catering many events in the process, Mario and Lara know what it takes to prepare a great event.  In the past we have had weddings, farm-to-table events, birthday celebrations, barn dances, and other large events.  If you are looking for a peaceful location surrounded by the inn's beautiful gardens, fields, and countryside, this is the perfect place for your next event. Enjoy your time with friends and family and enjoy the delicious meals Mario & Lara will prepare.

We have had many large events in the past, some of which with as many as 200 guests.  With years of experience managing gourmet restaurants in New York City, Mario knows how to handle the pressure of preparing an event as well as a delectable meal for a large gathering.   Call to find out more about planning your next event with us!

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