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Mario in Kitchen
Mario in Kitchen

Losing the fear of cooking is the first step of feeling comfortable with putting a meal together for friends and family.

The inn has different classes available in fall and spring as well as by request throughout the year:

Six week course for locals ( 3 hours every Wednesday 5.30 – 8.30;day of week can be changed with mutual agreement of all students) with basic instructions in planning a meal, shopping, preparation, and then making soups, sauces, stews, roasts, fish, vegetables, & starches. $595.00. Four person minimum required. Available in spring and fall/early winter.

Cooking classes by Chef Mario:

Sauces and beyond: Learn to raise basic foods to divine heights with this class!

Arrive the first night, get settled and enjoy a delicious dinner. Rise to a nourishing breakfast, and head to class. Learn the basics on the first day, of making great stocks for maximum flavor, and the basic five sauces of French cooking; tomato, Béchamel, Velouté, sauce Espanyol, and Hollandaise. That afternoon, after lunch, you will also learn how to use alternate bases for sauces, like mushroom, veggies, deglazes, and chutneys. Maybe you will have some of your creations for dinner that night. Finally,the next morning after breakfast, learn the basics of mayonnaises, salsas, and dairy based sauces. Grab some lunch, and hit the road ready to wow the next guests at your table!


Butchering 101: Slicing your own cuts of meat to slice your budget Buying whole poultry or fish, or larger cuts of meat like a tenderloin or a bottom round allows you to save money, get the type of cuts YOU want, and get high quality extras like your own stocks, or homemade pet food.

Mario in Kitchen 2
Mario in Kitchen 2

Check in, get settled and eat a delicious dinner. The next morning, enjoy a nourishing breakfast, and roll up your sleeves! You will learn how to process two large cuts of beef, making steaks and roasts, stew meat, and hamburger. You will break apart a chicken and and a fish as well. After lunch you will learn to use up the "leftovers" by making stocks, patès, curing the fish, or using leftovers to make incredible pet food. Finally, after dinner and then breakfast the next morning, you will learn to cook some of the unique cuts of food you have butchered into some basic but impressive meals! Grab some lunch, and hit the road!

For these two classes, there is a minimum of two attendees. It includes per person; 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, and 2 lunches, lodging in our queen sized rooms (double occupancy rates), and the class time.  **

The base rate is: (weekend is Fri check-in, Sun check-out. Weekday is Wed-Fri)

For a single attendee/single occupancy: $475 weekday, $550 weekend.

For a single attendee/double occupancy: $600 weekday, $715 weekend.

For double attendee/double occupancy: $900 weekday, $975 weekend.

There is also a credit given for any group more than two: for each additional person, the entire group will share a credit of $100. If you are two people, you may book the class privately, or open your confirmed date up to strangers to join you and share the credit. These "open to joiners" dates will be posted as they arise. Otherwise, please call for availability of the chef.

Try one of our classes or just have a glass of wine and enjoy a gourmet meal.

The following classes are open dates (permitting the availability of the instructor):

Private cooking lessons:

Consisting of 2.5 hours of instructions on subjects selected by participants any day of the week, (except if conflicting with other package lesson times), 11am – 1:30pm. $125 for 2 people. $135 on weekends. Lodging is seperate.

Wild plant and/or mushroom foraging: A guided mushroom foraging tour with renowned forager David Spahr Check in, and rest in our bucolic inn, with a farm setting. In the morning have our scrumptious breakfast, supplied by our chickens, and then get ready to forage! We provide you with a picnic lunch to keep you full on your walk. It can be a half day walk, or for an extra $50 it can be a full day. Come back to the inn and have the chef prepare your mushrooms for your dinner. Dinner is included in your package. The next morning breakfast is again provided, and the rest of the day is yours to enjoy the splendid beauty of Midcoast Maine! 2 person minimum!  Mushrooms are in their peak in September, but start anytime in June. The package includes 2 nights lodging, 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, and 1 dinner.

A guided wild plant foraging tour, also with David Spahr. The package and schedule are the same as the mushroom class. Wild plants start in spring and continue through the seasons! Basic cost is $595 for 2 people. Discounts available for larger groups. Please inquire!