4 Days in Midcoast Maine

Photo by Mark Jones At the inn our guests often ask us for recommendations about the “must see places” and “must do activities” during their visit here in midcoast Maine. Receiving these questions made me realize that while traveling is an exciting and enjoyable experience, it can also be stressful at times. Traveling is often the result of years of hard work and saving up hard-earned cash for these coveted experiences. When on vacation and spending this money tourists want to make sure they are going to enjoy these experiences and don’t have any regrets with how they spent their time. Living in the area for many years now and having the opportunity to do some traveling around the Boothbay Harbor area ourselves, we thought we would provide some suggestions for your trip to the area. This article will give you an agenda for 4 days worth of activities in the Boothbay Harbor Region. Whether all of the activities sound of interest to you or just a couple, we hope you find some ideas for your trip to Maine this summer!

Day 1: A Day Downtown Boothbay Harbor

With so much to do in downtown Boothbay Harbor you could easily find a few days worth of activities, but with all of the other great areas to visit while you are here, we will give you the top destinations to see and activities to partake in during your visit to this scenic harbor area.

Boat Cruise/Kayak/Lobster Cruise, Just Get Out On the Ocean!

The harbor itself is beautiful. Kayakers, paddle-boarders, and boats can be seen slowly cruising by. Whether you want to go for a peaceful cruise out on the ocean, a fishing trip, lobster trip, puffin watch, or rent a couple of kayaks, there is something for everyone.

Grab a Bite to Eat 

There are a lot of great local places to eat right at the harbor. Walk off the boat and right in to one of the many places to eat in downtown Boothbay Harbor. Whether you want the fresh Maine seafood you’ve heard so much about, Italian cuisine, or just a bite of pizza there are plenty of options to choose from in the area.

If you want seafood, McSeagull’s Restaurant, Andrew’s Harborside Restaurant, and Kaler’s Crab & Lobster House all offer fresh Maine seafood you are sure to enjoy. Boathouse Bistro Tapas Bar & Restaurant boasts fresh Maine seafood along with a little something for everyone on the menu. Both Boathouse Bistro and McSeagull’s have decks overlooking the harbor if you are lucky enough to get a table! If you are looking for a fine dining experience Ports of Italy offers gourmet Italian cuisine that is sure to impress. Finally, if you just want a bite of pizza and continue to walk around the area look no further than Pier 1 Pizza.

Visit the Local Shops & Explore the Harbor

Photo by Mark Jones

 After you’re done with your first Boothbay Harbor dining experience, take the opportunity to explore the area. There are many great local craftsmen, artists, and small shops selling fun, unique Maine trinquettes.

While you’re walking around don’t forget to stop and enjoy the view. The ocean, soaring birds, and boats cruising to and from the harbor is truly a sight to see. Take in the sunset over the harbor and enjoy the true beauty of Maine.

Day 2: Popham Beach State Park

 Some of the most popular tourist attractions when anyone visits Maine are the beaches, wildlife, hikes, and historical forts & lighthouses. At Popham Beach State Park, you get to experience it all and it’s only an hour drive from Boothbay. Pack a picnic for the day and enjoy all that this beautiful area has to offer.

The Beach

 The tide pools around the beach are always fun to explore and you never know what wildlife you will find. Snails, crabs, hermit crabs, starfish, and other sea critters can be found hanging around these small pools of water. Popham Beach also has many sand dunes during low tide, which are always fun to venture out to. And of course there all of the usual beach activities that we all love: swimming in the water, boogie boarding, wiffle-ball, bocce ball, and etc.

The Trails

 While a day resting on the beach can be a great day in itself, for the adventurous and active type there are nature trails that can be taken around the coast of the ocean. These trails lead to some gorgeous views, wildlife spottings, and offer a dose of peaceful relaxation.

Popham Fort

 If you’re a history buff or just enjoy exploring old forts, then you have to check out Popham Fort during your visit to this state park. This fort has beautiful architecture and is a great place to explore. Children love to probe the fort, especially with all of the chambers to venture through and stairs to climb.

 Chilled Carrot SoupDinner at the Squire Tarbox Inn

 If your not staying with us, call and reserve your table for dinner after your long day at the beach. We have world-class chefs with culinary experience in high-class restaurants in New York City, Italy, and Switzerland, just to name a few locations. They will prepare you a delicious gourmet meal you are sure to remember. We source our food locally as much as possible and most of our vegetables come from our son’s organic farm. Eat dinner out on the patio and enjoy the view of the field, gardens, and flowers. While you’re here, feel free to explore the field, gardens, and farm area. We grow a variety of vegetables and flowers and even raise chicken and goats!

Day 3: Maine at It’s Best!

 The last couple of days have been pretty laid back, staying in one location and enjoying the area, but who are we kidding, you’re on vacation and you want to be out and about!

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Photo by Mark Jones

This extensive garden occupies 270 acres of land and over 75 different types of plants and flowers that bloom throughout the year. There is more to the Botanical Gardens than just the plants and flowers though. The gardens also have beautiful nature trails taking you along the coastline with one of these passing a small waterfall along the way. They have beautiful birdbaths, unique huts and bridges, small ponds, and even a kid’s section of the garden. There are many benches and chairs around the park to rest and take in the sights and smells of the garden.

The Kitchen Garden

While you’re here why not enjoy some of their fresh food while sitting outside enjoying the view and aromas of the garden. They use local and organic foods whenever possible and because of this their menu varies throughout the course of the season. They have fresh soup, salads, sandwiches, and more. Between the food, the atmosphere, and the friendly customer service, it is a great place to dine.

(If however, this doesn’t sound appealing, the Botanical Gardens are just 10 minutes from Boothbay Harbor where you are right next to all of the local restaurants!)

The Maine State Aquarium

 While the Maine State Aquarium may be smaller (just one large room) than some of the larger aquariums you may find in Boston and other large cities, it still has a lot to offer, especially if you want to see some of Maine’s sea critters up close and personal. The aquarium showcases many local Maine lobster with some as big as 23 pounds. The aquarium has local sportfish, bottom-dwellers, sea anenomies, sharks, skates, and more. If you’re crazy enough you can even have the opportunity to pet your first shark! They also have a touch tank where guests have the chance to see and touch sea cucumbers, sea stars, scallops, sea urchins and moon snails. Children love the aquarium and it is definitely worth the trip for them. Even if you don’t have children it is good for a short visit, most people say they enjoy roaming around for about an hour.

Downeast Ice Cream

After observing some of Maine’s very own sea critters venture 10 minutes to Downeast Ice Cream for some Maine homemade ice cream. They have many delicious flavors to choose from and you can even make your own sundae. They have reasonable prices and very generous portions. 

Photo by Mark Jones

Ocean Point

If you’re still up for another adventure after your long day, take a cruise down Ocean Point in Boothbay Harbor. If you are tired from the long day or just ate too much ice cream, you can cruise slowly along the road and enjoy the view of the coast of Maine. If you are up for some more physical activity you can park your car and explore the coast and beach. There are trails that go along the rocky coast of Maine and lead to some great views.

Day 4: Bradbury Mountain/Freeport

Over the last three days you have had the chance to see some of the beautiful sights and scenes that the coast of Maine has to offer. There is only one problem: as great as the coast is, you are missing the other half of Maine! As much we all love the Maine beaches, lighthouses, and seafood, we can’t forget about all of the beautiful mountains trails, and landlocked wildlife that Maine has to offer.

Bradbury Mountain State Park

Wake up early this morning and venture to Bradbury Mountain State Park to enjoy all of their hiking and biking trails. Take the short family friendly hike to the top of Bradbury Mountain and enjoy the gorgeous view or bring the bikes along to explore some of their bike paths. After trekking through some of their trails enjoy a picnic in their park or embark on your journey to Freeport where there are activities to fill the rest of your afternoon and evening.


Freeport, just 20 minutes from Bradbury Mountain, is a must visit for anyone that has not had an opportunity to visit this beautiful town before. Filled with local shops, outlet stores, and of course the L.L. Bean flagship store, there are plenty of shops to visit. The area has a nice small, hometown feeling. It is a beautiful area with friendly people, so take a minute to take in the sights as you are walking around the area and from shop to shop.

Events & Festivals

L.L. Bean has a “Summer in the Park” series that features many fun events and free concerts. They usually have 4 or 5 events a month so plan your trip accordingly. They feature live musicians and not just local one’s either! They have fun events including: a road race, kidsfest, and a circus show. These events and concerts are all free of charge, so take advantage!


During your visit to downtown Freeport there are a multitude of restaurants to choose from. All of these local restaurants bring their own unique offering and many of them offer outside dining, which is always a great summer experience.

Linda Beans Maine Kitchen Top & Tavern offers delicious Maine food with a vast array of options to choose from. They offer many seafood dishes and there are many different lobster dishes to choose from. They also have traditional American dishes as well for those of you that have already had your fair share of seafood during the course of your stay.

The Azure Café, while a little on the pricey side, is well worth the money if you are looking for a fine dining experience. This Italian restaurant serves delicious Italian dishes, while incorporating Maine seafood and tradition into their menu and meals. They serve gourmet cuisine, have a beautiful outdoor patio, and top-of-the-line customer service.

Tuscan Brick Oven Bistro provides an experience that is one in it’s own. With a beautiful and one of a kind inside dining area and serving local food from sustainable farmers and fishers you are in for a treat. They make their food from scratch everyday and it is of the highest quality. While it is rather expensive, you will not be disappointed if you decide to dine there.

There are many other restaurants to choose from including: The Mediterranean Grill, Thai Garden Restaurant, and The Freeport Chowder House, if the restaurants described above don’t catch your eye!

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit in Midcoast Maine!

After reading this article we hope you have found some fun activities, sights to see, places to visit, and fine culinary endeavors to try on your trip to Midcoast Maine this summer. We hope you are ready to enjoy all of the beaches, wildlife, boats, nature trails, and lobster Maine has to offer!