Winter Break in Midcoast Maine

It's been a while since we last wrote our blog. We had a very busy summer & fall with wonderful interns helping us as well as delicious produce from the gardens. Now everything lies dormant (as well as us!!) under snow & ice. Since early December we have had frigid temperatures & a lot of snow & ice. It was really tough to heat our old historical Maine Inn when we had guests staying or dining with us but we managed along with cozy wood fires burning. New Year's eve was our last evening serving dinner & all had a good time. Now we are closed & doing all the catch up work that got put on the side burner.

This year our Christmas was especially wonderful because we had Mario's brother & his family here from Switzerland . There were 6 of them plus all our immediate family which kept us busy cooking every night for 10 to 14 people. On Christmas Eve even Santa showed up to talk to our grandsons Elijah & Julian. They were amazed & very much in awe. Then Elijah helped his Dad prepare a delicious fresh salad from The greenhouse at the Tarbox Farm (starting him off at a young age) on Christmas day.

This Year We will be opening on Easter Sunday, April 20th. In the meantime we wish you all a happy & healthy New Year & please do come & see us in 2014.