The Squire Puts the EARTH back in Earthen Oven

There is a new feature on the inn's front lawn (and no, it's not a Swissflag). The addition is big, rocky, and really, really hot. Well, wait a few weeks and it will be really, really hot.


That's right, I'm talking about the beautiful earthen oven we built over the weekend! After Jay put his rock skills to good use and built the base, we completed the dome on Sunday.


Constructing an earthen oven is more than just slapping on a few handfuls of  mud and straw, there's a lot of material that must be mixed. And we're not talking mixed in a cement truck or KitchenAid. We're talking about a good old fashioned stomp!


To complete the transformation, the primary ingredients--dry clay and sand--are measured onto a tarp. Then, KA-BAM! The stomping begins! The job is very much enjoyable and leaves the stomper with much smoother feet (see the pampered toes pictured).


After all the stomping, you are left to form the dome and let the structure dry for a couple weeks. It's a shame it has to dry for so long, stomping sure does work up an appetite!