Holy Macaron!

Finally some of our garden fresh produce is coming into the kitchen! Ourchicory greens are in full swing and making their way into sides sautéed with bacon, onions and honey and served with confit duck and homemade black currant sauce. The currants themselves have just been delivered by a friend visiting from New York, so it's time to do some research on currant recipes! Rumor has it that our famous Maine blueberries are about ready as well.
Also drawing note of late are our edible garden flowers. Beautiful blue borage flowers have a sweet cucumber taste that jazz up salads, and our tempura daylily buds were a big hit.
Earlier this week, in a wave of either patriotic fervor or heat stroke I decided that I would attempt to make French macarons for our little Fourth of July picnic. In the end the project turned out the worst sort of beginners luck -- wrong enough that there was definite room for improvement, but successful enough to temp the foolish macaron neophyte into thinking she could get it right.
Encouraged by positive staff responses to the first attempt batch, the next day I set out to make more, sure that this time, armed with all of my "experience," they would be perfect. Needless to say -- that didn't happen. Instead they turned out even flatter, sadder, and more impossible.
So back to the drawing board. If nothing else I have learned that I am definitely more of a visual learner. Where written recipes fell short youtube instruction came through in a big way and third time turned out to be the charm and produced some respectable looking macaroons - so look out for a dessert special!