Updates from our Mid-Coast Maine Inn

We have finished double-digging! After two days of nearly frantic weeding and double digging -- the kind where you tell yourself you're just going to do so much and then find yourself in a panic to do twice that just to finish faster -- we have finished the vegetable plot. All that remains is to plant. We put in our Mung bean sprouts yesterday, and now we have cucumbers, peppers, and French beans left to go in.
The graham cracker recipe testing has progressed (there was a bit of a hang-up when we couldn't find graham flour) with three recipes baked. So far Alton Brown's recipe (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/graham-crackers-recipe/index.html) is our taste favorite, but we now have to make the sacrifice of making pies and taste-testing them to see which works best as a crust.
With the spring rains finally behind us (we hope), summer vegetables are starting to come in. The farmer's market yesterday was boasting the first summer squash and some beautiful baby carrots. For us that means it's time to start changing up the menu to incorporate all of that fresh veggie goodness, so stop by and check out our changes!
photo (clockwise from top left): the before: with 1 1/2 rows double-dug and all of the grass still in place, house-candied oranges, the after: fully double-dug vegetable plot, graham crackers.