Summer is officially here in mid-coast Maine!

With the end of double digging has come the end of doubled-upchores. Emily has remained out in the garden doing battle with the cucumber beetles, and occasionally the swallows, while I have moved into the kitchen (a dubious improvement in climate with temps in there hitting 95+). Recent projects have included candying pansies (much harder than it sounds), replenishing sauces and desserts, experimenting with new flavors of scones and attempting to produce double cream.
We've added a new dish to the menu - yogurt-marinated local lamb with tabboleh, baba ganoush and a yogurt-mint sauce. But to me this means much more than just a menu change since I was entrusted with putting together all of these various elements! Despite some performance jitters my Lebanese heritage pulled through and I'm quite proud of the results. The first night we put it on the menu I sat in the back room, not quite biting my nails, but at least imagining that this was how parents must feel at a child's first ballet recital. No orders that night, but we sold two the following night to good reviews!
On another front, we've had a loss here at the Squire Tarbox Inn. One of our goats, a sweet little boy by the name of Bobby, passed away this afternoon. It's a reminder to suburbanites like me who turn their rose-tinted sights on sustainable food production that although the garden is full of new shoots and buds there is  another side to this particular coin. Poor Bobby was off for about a week, but in the end he didn't suffer long, had a beautifully sunny and breezy last morning and he's now resting peaceful under the cherry trees at the bottom of the garden. We will miss his antics and goatee (no pun intended) in the goat barn, but are glad for his sake that he's no longer in pain.
Signing off from mid-coast Maine, enjoy the official beginning of summer!