Leaving the Sunflowers to the Birds

Today, at our little inn on the Maine coast, I set out to plant sunflowers in the beds by the parking lot. I begandigging holes in the dirt, enjoying its coolness compared to the blazing sunshine. After completing half a dozen, I noticed some bird-like shadows circling my head. Birds tend to like gardening because it unearths lots of tasty bugs and weeds, so I smiled and kept digging.

Moments later I heard the rapid flapping of wings in my ear. The once-distant shadows were now inches away from my head! Then my hat moved. The birds fluttered wildly around me and weren't leaving.

Confused, I looked upwards and the birds attempted to peck me in the face. I got the message. I ran to take cover under the nearest tree. The two circled the area again to make sure the threat had been taken care of. It certainly had, I wasn't about to go back out there and mess with two angry parents!

Needless to say I didn't think a harmless act like planting sunflowers would result in such a fiasco. Of course, when I talked with my bosses about the incident, Mario was quick to tell me that he was behind the whole thing! Just two days ago he attempted to fix the parking lot light. The light happens to have a bird's nest on top of it. When he was messing with the light, he said that the birds, which are tree sparrows, were a little peeved, but did not attack him. "But they must've had enough," Mario said about the mother bird.

Let's hope they give me a break, the sunflowers aren't getting any younger!