Cobwebs and Cookies

Today's rain was a good excuse to get some inside chores done,although it is breaking up our final push to get the vegetables happily situated in their plot. We settled for making the goats happy instead by giving their barn its annual de-spidering. Turns out that cobwebs are pretty good at clogging vacuum cleaners, but in the end we prevailed!

Baking is perhaps my favorite way to pass a lazy (well ok, not exactly lazy since there is always something to do around the inn, but rainy) day, so I restocked chocolate chip cookies for the cookie jar - a popular tourist attraction :) For the first time in my life I actually hit the recipe yield more or less on the head, so my venture must have been blessed by the cookie gods.
Later this afternoon will be time to experiment with home-made graham crackers and to figure out the perfect pizza dough and then a little friendly competition for best toppings combination, but since we have to taste-test all of them, everyone is a winner!