My name is Emily. I am one of two Food Production interns currently working at the Inn. I am a Writing/English major at Northland College in Ashland Wisconsin. It borders a place not dissimilar from coastal Maine. Our duties as interns vary widely; some days we weed and plant in the garden, and others we make (and "sample") delicious creations in the kitchen.


Spring is finally here at the Inn and that means flowers are in full bloom! Although it is difficult to chose a favorite flower, one of Lara's top picks makes its home right in our side yard. It's a tall, bushy shrub with delicate yellow flowers that have a smell, Lara says, that reminds her of summers in her childhood. She didn't remember the name of the tree, so I decided to try and identify it. It turns out, however, that blindly trying to discover the name of a shrub is more difficult than Google searching "yellow-flowered shrub." Even with Victoria's savvy hunting on gobotany.newengland.org, we had to cut our loses.

We've decided to call it a day for now and get back to back-breaking plant identification. If you have any ideas, kindly let us know.