we are open for the 2013 season

Spring is here (ahem...kind of, well it is Maine:) and we are officially open!!  We opened for our first dinner service on April 18th, and all went well!  We had a few tables Thurs, Fri & Sat which was perfect to get the ball rolling. We are still working on classes here at the inn, but have confirmed a few.  On May 18th we will have a cheese making class for feta, ricotta, chevre and mozzarella.  The teacher is actually a woman that worked with the previous owners, when they made goat cheese in house...something we hope to do again soon :)  The other class we will host is an earthen oven building class, on June 8th and 9th.  This should be a fun two days where participants build a large oven that will be used here at the inn to make breads, pizzas and more.  As well as building small personal ovens that will be available to take home.  Of course, we always have Mario's cooking classes, but he can also do different stuff like butchering (a major money saver) and smoking meats!

As spring comes around we are busy in the garden too...we are sarting seeds in the greenhouse, such as nettles, red celery, lovage, salad pansies, goji berries, linden trees and much more.  All to be incorporated into our cuisine!!  Its an exciting time here in Maine.  Happy spring!!!!