Nettle recipe

Yay, I planted my nettle seeds the other day, and they are starting to sprout! Nettles are a nutrition powerhouse, yummy, and can be used like cooked spinach. Don't eat them raw, or else you're in for a prickly surprise ;) Nettles are extremely high in vitamins and minerals, and in Chinese medicine they are said to help tone the blood, and strengthen the liver and kidneys. I can't wait to make not only soup, but raviolis, and souffles out of these nourishing spring plants. Here is a simple recipe for a nourishing spring soup! 1 onion 12 oz potatoes, finely chopped 1 tbsp high heat oil such as sunflower or grape seed 6oz of nettles, coarse chopped (wear gloves, or use a plastic bag to handle when raw) 2 pints of veggie or chic stock 1 tsp nutmeg Juice of 1 lemon S&P to taste Soy sauce to taste

Cook onions in oil until golden, add finely chopped potato, stir frequently for about 5 minutes

Add the nettles and a splash of stock and let sweat for another 5 min

Add the rest of stock, simmer for 15. Add nutmeg, then blend. Add lemon, salt and pepper, finish with a dash of soy. Don't over season or else you will overpower the simple earthiness of this spring soup! Enjoy

-From Recipes for Self Healing by Daverick Leggett