First snowfall

Yesterday night we had our first snow fall. It came with a winter storm. (now they name them...this one Athena!). While New York and New Jersey received up to a foot, we only got 2-3 inches. Our hearts go out to all our friends and family in the greater New York area, that are only just beginning to recover from Sandy and now get another blast from a winter storm. Here, it is peaceful and quiet. The inn is cozy and warm with fires going, and the birds outside are searching around for crumbs in the already melting snow. Our young chickens experienced the snow for their first time today. They eagerly ran out of their pens only to be shocked by the strange feeling under their toes...many of them kept flying to a new spot hoping it would feel didn't ;) I found them sitting under the dry barn most of the day! Alas it is the beginning of the turning of another season...fall is half way past, and starting to show the hints of winter. We seal up the doors and windows, bring in the wood, and get cozy! As I have just joined my parents here, this is my first real winter in Maine. I can only hope that while it may indeed be...ahem...chilly, it also holds up to the locals' claims of being the best season here! I have to admit the idea of the holiday season in such a chilly climate sounds fabulous! To me it holds truer to my preconceived notions of a brisk turkeyday football game, St. Nick on a snowy rooftop, and sparkly streets at the turning of the year. I look forward to celebrating!