Wildlife sightings in Midcoast Maine

So we have been very fortunate this year with all the animals that have been sharing our midcoast Maine inn's property!  We ALWAYS have turkeys on our property, but they have thrived this year and I have seen baby after baby :)  Very cute...Lately we've also had quite a few deer munching in the back field....they're beautiful, but it makes the gardener in me worried....We had a pair of geese that we were hoping would nest in our pond, but I think they thought of it more as a weekend home.  I've seen a few porcupines here, too, and they seem to have a taste for fruit tree branches :(  Yesterday I saw a pair of osprey that both had fish in their talons, and tried to land on a branch but the turkeys chased them off....I think they were protecting their babies!  While I am no bird expert, I have also seen a ton of beautiful songbirds...lovely little yelloe ones which I think are finches, some cardinals, and a few other interesting black birds with orange on their faces.  It makes me so happy that we have an environment here that is so welcoming to the animals...it suggests we have created an oasis of peace and tranquility :)