Fresh rhubarb, tart Alsacienne, and planting peas!!!

Today is turning out to be a satisfying day!!  The morning started with a trip to the garden to plant some more peas!!  We already have a sweet pea variety in, but I had to start some Oregon Trail variety to pay homage to what was my home state for over 12 years :)  I also planted a vegetable called black salsify....its a perennial that is grown for its roots...i have only seen pictures of it, so we'll see what it does!   A few weeks ago, my husband took the time to clean up and weed some of the abandoned rhubarb, and today we noticed some was ready to harvest!!  I was totally excited, but also felt a little bad...we had just had some dinner guests that had asked if we had some because they remembered it from last year here....only a few days off! Fresh rhubarb from the garden




So that brings me to the second half of my day...working in the kitchen.  The yummy part...I will make up some pie dough, and then with that I will turn that rhubarb into tart alsacienne which means that the rhubarb is cooked in a firm custard.  Then I will make up some quiche with spring greens, some local goat cheese, and maybe a few mushrooms.  Quiche is so convenient for leftovers, so I tend to make lots!  To me this is the perfect spring day here in Maine...its about 60 degrees, sunny, and I got to spend the morning in the garden, and the afternoon in the kitchen, and the evening eating and sharing a glass of wine...Ahhh!