Aiming for the pumpkin regatta and other projects at our midcoast Maine inn

So we had a great memorial day weekend, with just fabulous guests!  Summer is starting to roll in, as days get warmer.  We have had some very monstrous thunderstorms too, with the contrasting airtemps.  But, that means good things in the garden, and hence the kitchen.  Our chives have been flowering, the tomatoes and squash are leaving the warmth of the greenhouse, to head to the garden this week.  This will make room for a whole new round of seeds :)  Basil popped the other day, parsley close behind, and the cilantro is just about ready for the garden!!  Yay!!  My husband will try his hand at some giant pumpkins this year.  While I doubt he will get a record setter, I am hoping for something big enough to enter into the Damariscotta Pumpkin Regatta....yes, people attach outbord motors to halved hollowed pumpkins!!! Its loads of fun!!  Plan a visit now!!!  I planted two kinds of calendula, some hollyhocks, and marigolds the other day.  I also planted some hot peppers into the planters by the deck.  They are a stunning flower, as well as smell really nice when blooming before the peppers form.  Then a fun display of colors!  I did plant some sorrel and arugula, but I put them in a bed where the chickens like to scratch in, so I think I have to try again with some netting or chicken fencing laid over them :(  Other than that, we are just chugging along keeping up with all that has to be done round here, enjoying the rain, as it saves me one extra chore of watering :) but can't wait for more good sunshine days!!!  Oh. and here are some examples of the giant pumpkin carvings from last year's festival...yes those are pumpkins!