Update from Lara

This weekend I am in Barcelona for a few days visiting my cousin Leo who lives here for now. Beautiful spring weather compared with the cold we've been having in Switzerland. I am looking forward to coming home again on April 16th in time for opening!  I have spent the winter (while the inn is closed) in Switzerland!  I came here to learn how to really cook!  As I have a bachelor's in nutrition and a dad I could always call for direction, I've never been to shabby in the kitchen, but there is a huge difference in cooking for four or 25+....So, I came here and worked for 5 months in my uncle's restaurant!  It has been great! I have learned many little tricks, and understand what it really takes to cook for lots of people!  I have copied quite a few recipes, and look forward to cooking them at the inn....some of my favorites are an orange, walnut ricotta cake (I may try an adaptation with almonds, lemon and thyme). Another favorite is a chestnut soup that is to die for on a cold day!  A tartar with olives, dorado, and cilantro...a ceviche of sorts!  Some lovely sauces; a morel sauce that is to die for, and olive tapenade, and many more!  Any way, I look forward to returning, getting the gardens going, and then harvesting all those lovely veggies and cooking up a storm for you at our restaurant!  Till then, take care!