Introduction to our daughter Lara

So, my name is Lara, and I am the daughter of the innkeepers Mario and Roni, that many of you have come to know during your stays at The Squire Tarbox Inn!  After 8 years of hard work they are beginning to think about retiring, and have put the inn up for sale, but alas in this climate, that may take some time, so that's where I come in to the picture!  I have moved to Maine from Oregon to join the team, and help them take a break from the maddening pace ofan innkeeper's life!  I spent last summer there, working side by side with them, observing and thinking about what I'd like to see happen at a place like that. As many of you have seen, it is incredibly beautiful, with it's historic buildings, and it has all the infrastructure to be a working farm.  Some of you may have been lucky enough to visit when my brother's organic vegetable gardens were in full swing, and it was stunning...he has since outgrown the acreage, and moved to another piece of land just down the road!   We are very happy for his business success, but we miss the incredibly satisfying feeling of being able to see, touch and smell all those gorgeous vibrant organic veggies on site!  We hope to re grow the land he left.  I have my bachelors in nutrition, so love veggies, and especially odd, obscure and heirloom types, and we will focus on those alongside many of the important restaurant staples!  We have always used some of his vegetables in our cooking, but I would like to produce enough that after a year or so, we use almost exclusively our produce (alas we can't grow lemons in Maine without greenhouses)!  I also have a passion for incorporating herbs into cooking, so we will be planting lots of beautiful, healthy medicinal herbs in our gardens as well!  If I stay long enough, I would like to start creating our own animal products too!  The previous owners made and sold goat cheese, so that would be the first place to start, and we already have chickens in charge of the breakfast supplies...aka farm fresh eggs!  I have thought about starting to raise meat birds as well, and even perhaps some sheep for milk and brother raised pigs on the property, and I would like to do this again....the quality of the pork is UNBELIEVABLE!!  My basic philosophy on cooking and eating healthy is that if you raise it yourself (or visit an inn where someone else lovingly raised it) you can eat almost whatever you want, including butter and cream and the likes, and not only is it healthy for you (within reason) but without having to do too much to it in the cooking process, it TASTES fabulous!!  Some other fun projects we have in mind are to build an earthen oven for wood fired pizza and bread, to have canning parties, to have a roasting spit in the restaurant where we carve your dinner for you right in front of the fire, and many more ideas....keep checking our website as we start to update about all the changes we will start to make this year! We are a family that loves food, and we look forward to sharing its beauty, vitality, and even sensuousness with all of you!