Follow up to Lara's 1st blog

As we start to make some of the changes involved in the ideas I talked about in our previous blog, we will be offering classes to the public on these topics.  One of the first classes we have lined up is a beekeeping class.  We can have up to about 20 people in our classes, and once we have learned how, we will produce our own honey for the inn, and will try to make it our primary sweetener as opposed to sugar! Another idea we are working on is a class on how to build a wood fired oven!  They make the most incredible breads, and will be awesome for baking pizza.  I think we would like to offer pizza with the toppings dictated by whatever is freshly harvested from the garden that week!  The ovens are made from a simple mixture of sand, clay and straw, so anyone can go home and make one in their backyard!

Of course, we will offer organic gardening classes, as we start to build our garden back up again!  This means having classes about all the basics, like composting, seed selection, starting seeds, transplanting, using cold frames and greenhouses.

We would like to have cheese making classes for both cheeses like chèvre, and also more firm cheeses like real Swiss cheese (my family is all Swiss, so we're a lil biased).

We also have some friends that are excellent brewers, so we will host a beer making class, where everyone can sample their finished product...Mmmm!

Finally, we will also offer some cooking classes on things as varied as bread making (in the wood fired oven), sauces, canning, and cooking healthy without sacrificing taste!

I'm sure two days after I post this, I will think of five more ideas, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us at: Be sure to check out our web page for details about the dates of the classes as well as expenses, but rest assured you will be comfortable and WELL fed while you learn about some awesome methods of food production that promote both sustainability and health!