Midcoast Maine B&B awaits the foliage change

The days are still warm, but the nights are gettting chillier.  As the cooler weather comes, of course, the trees begin to dazzle us with their array of colors!  Right here on the coast, the cooler air is tempered by the ocean air, and so our foliage changes just a bit later than our inland neibors'. Why do the leaves change?  Well, clorophyll makes leaves look green.  For them it is the equivalent of hemeglobin in our blood.  It's obviously precious, and for plants, difficult to produce.  Deciduous trees, however, shed their leaves for the winter.  In anticipation of this event, the tree sucks it's chlorophyll out of the leaves into its trunk to seqester for the winter.  What's left behind in the tree is the simple to produce carotenoids.  These, like beta carotene in carrots, are shades of oranges, yellows, and reds.  They were there all along, but just drowned out by the green of the clorophyll!!!