lots of great comments from our guests about our restaurant, hidden in midcoast Maine

I am very proud of my father (the one on the left).  I've known all my life that he is a most excellent chef, but it has been quite the treat to be a server for him and hear all the positive feedback we get from our customers.  We have a very worldly clietele with our inn guests, having travelled many other places besides our inn,  including London, Paris, Dublin, Munich, Rome, Naples, etc... and even many far east travelers.  Some of the comments we've had are "My friend andI share a mission to find the best lamb in the world, and so far it was a little restaurant north of Dublin, but I'm calling my friend to tell him its here at the Squire Tarbox Inn!!"  Another local couple from our little island had just returned from lots of fine dining in Paris, looked at their plates, and said "Man, It's good to be home!"  Other comments aren't so specific, ("excellent, delicious, best I've had, how does he make this so good?") but the amount of times I hear near silence in an mostly full dining room (becasue everyone is busy eating) is the real testament to his skill.  I am honored to see him in his element, and learn my cooking skills from him until I leave to do my apprenticeship with his brother in Switzerland!!!  Maybe then they'll be praising my food as much as his!!!   I can only hope!!!