Peaches almost ripe in midcoast Maine

The peaches are hanging on the trees, slowly changing their hues form green to the most stunning shades of oranges, pinks, and of course peach!!  We should be able to harvest some in the next few days.  We'll make some ice cream, some cobbler and some crisps as they come in.  Other notes on the farm, the chickens are still molting, so egg production has slowed, but the feathers are looking plush, and we hope they return to their normal laying patterns soon!!  (or else we may have chicken stew :O)  The tomatoes and peppers we planted are just starting to ripen, and we look forward to more zucchini, and cucumbers too!!  Soon, we will be starting to put garlic in the ground for next spring's harvest...ah...the seasons change sooooo fast!!