mead added and may have minature horses visit Maine midcoast B&B

Yesterday, we were visited by a lovely genteleman from Newcastle, ME who let us sample some of his locally made mead.  For those of you unaware, mead is like a wine made from honey.  This one was delicious!!!  It is called the Fat Friar's Mead, and is light, fruity, but dry...rather like a dry reisling..Mmmm!!  We will be offering some tastes to our dinner guests, as well as adding it to the menu!!

Also, we had fun visiting a miniature horse breeding farm on the island!!  They have about 30 miniatures and shetland ponies.  We discussed the possibility of having Sunday brunch at the inn, and bringing the ponies over for families to pet, and brush...adding to our crew of goats and chickens!!  Sounds like a nice Sunday for a family...we will advertise when it is all put together.  We look forward to seeing some of you there!!!!