Maine winter

It's been a while since I have written a blog...sorry. Somehow the days fly by even though our Midcoast historical Maine Inn is closed until Easter. Cleaning up the snow every week takes quite a bit of time as well as catching up on rest. I went to Germany Last week for a week. I chose to come back a day before originally planned due to the forecast of yet another snow storm. In the end Maine got very little but Boston & New York got hit again. I was glad I did come back a day early as the the day of the storm flights were delayed and the flight I should have taken from Amsterdam to Boston had to land in Goose Bay Newfoundland before going to Boston making it a long trip.I went to see my "old" friend who lives near Duesseldorf. She had just moved to a new apartment so I thought I could help a bit as well as check her new place out. The weather was crummy; drizzly, rainy and snowy but we had a good time visiting with each other and catching up. Now I will be home until about mid February when I plan to visit friends that relocated from CT. to FL. Mario stays home with the animals and the snow as that is where he is happiest. More soon. Don't forget to 'like us' on Facebook